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When you are searching for every type of porn that you could ever imagine and you also want value for your money, then VideoBox is exactly what you should purchase. There is a sign up promotion that offers free Roku, allowing you to play the porn on your television. Once you sign up, you will be provided with an 18-month plan, for a rate that other sites offer only 12 months. When you sign up and log in, you are taken to a constantly changing homepage. This is because new scenes are added every single day, even up to 5 a day. The monthly price is $12, for 6 months you pay $60 while $96 is the yearly price.

There are over 16,000 DVDs that you can find on VideoBox. You can use a menu to select your DVD or you could simply browse the scenes. There are over 90,000 scenes that you could browse, with each one lasting between twenty to thirty minutes. You can also instantly stream the scenes in a regular player without any loss of video quality. You can also be able to download the scenes in a variety of ways. HD 720p downloads are available, with the full scene downloads being about 1 GB in size. If 1 GB is too large, you can also find H.264 files, iPhone Mp4 files and smaller WMV downloads.

You can find scene details as well as social network links, allowing you to like and share what you have enjoyed. The scenes can be rated and you can leave your comments. On your right, you can find numerous related scenes. If you would like to browse for pornography by niche, you’ll be glad to know that there are over 90 niches that you can choose from. There is a section that shows clips, providing you with over 270,000 special scenes from the available DVDs.

Overall, the quality of videos on VideoBox is superb. There are numerous scenes that you can find, providing you with hours of enjoyment. This is one of the largest DVD sites available. The pricing is reasonable and you can get 18 months for the same price at which other websites are offering 12 months.