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DogFart adult entertainment business is the biggest, and most foul on the web today. You may or may not have heard of DogFart, but the chances are that you have at least seen one of their videos. Their claim to fame is the best interracial hardcore porn on the web today and that they have one of the lowest membership costs that the web has ever seen. For example, they have a trial offer that gives you full access to their site for the low price of a dollar a day.

Aside from this amazing deal they also have several other offers that are hard to pass up if you are a fan of interracial porn. Even if you are not, another one of their claims to fame is that they are home to perhaps the greatest network of porn in the world, with thirty other sites that you can have full access to if you decide to join.

Right now, the DogFart site has just shy of seventeen hundred models, just for the original site, and they have made over one thousand full length films over the years in the porn business.

They have just about three thousand scenes from these, and six thousand different pictures that have been taken from this site. The site is also famous for the work that they have done, and have compiled over three AVN awards and numerous other ones even during last year. This company is still on the up and up, and they look to be around for a while. If you are looking to join the site then all you need to do is pay the $29.99 a month, which is just under the standard fee.

With a full membership you will have access to all of their different sites on the web, and you can find just about every kind of porn, except for the really hard stuff, on their sites. All things considered, Dogfart is above average and definitely worth a look.