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Like Usher Roth, I love college. As a matter of fact, nothing beats college life. You get to feed your brain with the best knowledge in the world about a certain craft and all the while, you have the option to go deep into the dark labyrinth… which was actually an apartment in my case. The Dare Dorm just reminds me of how college used to be for me, lovely, exhilarating, fun and exciting. It was just the best, the marquee years of my life. Classes from morning to the afternoon, bars from 9 till over the clock and sex from 1 AM Saturday till the sun starts to go up. And I get to relive all those memories with Dare Dorm.

The Gist

So much for a walk down memory lane, Dare Dorm is just one of the finely edged porn sites in town. You know the deal, right? It’s only good when it’s only real. Damn right this site gives you nothing but true to life projected scoops that will make everything more vivid and realistic. I’m talking about three redhead college girls pounded by a fraternity of five college men here. The drill, there’s the Q&A, boys ask, girls answer, they get wrong, they remove their tees, their panties until all you see are their naked bodies. And then history follows, sex for him, for the other and then they all get their turns. The best part, most of the videos are found footage, which means no scripts and none of the obvious bullshit.

Gigs and Features

From time to time, the Dare Dorm challenges its avid subscribers. They entice them to create their own sex video, submit the vid to the site and then pay the contributors a thousand bucks once it gets a certain amount of views. As far as body count goes, there over 6000 choices of porn that range from gang bang, college initiations and all the way to girl on top sessions. There are also DVD format bonus videos that run for around 30 minutes to an hour and a half for each, perfect for cold Saturday nights alone.

Anyhow, if you love college, and sex, and all the magical sprinkles on it, join Dare Dorm for a shockingly low price of 10 dollars. Enjoy!